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Short-Term Rentals

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in the future

As Property Managers, we hear all the time how all we do is charge FEES. What is there was a way to own an investment property and have it managed by a professional management company all with ZERO FEES?

Short term rentals are any fully furnished rental that is home to GUESTS and NOT Tenants. These properties provide guests a home away from home for anywhere between a few days to a few months.


for success

At Title One Management, our short term program transforms your long term rental into a profitable and one-of-a kind property. Our team thoughtfully designs and outfits every room of your property into a fully functional “micro-hotel”. 

Douthit Ferry

Cartersville, GA

Pineview Drive

Smyrna, GA

Pine Manor

Marietta, GA


get The best from us.


No Management Fees. No Leasing Fees. No Renewal Fees. No “Unpaid Rent”. No Late Fees. No Evictions. No Collections. No Security Deposit Disputes


We monitor EVERYTHING! HVAC, Locks, Cameras, Motion Detectors, Door contacts, and alarm (where applicable)


House is kept in ready to sell, show condition at ALL times. Also, Maintenance costs drop to minimal levels.


& home condition

Most homes in nearly every area will qualify for being a short term rental.  A property must be in very good condition to be considered.

By doing our Master Lease program for a Short Term Rentals, you will pay absolutely NO FEES! Whereas with a standard lease, you can easily pay over $3,000 a year in fees.


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