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Security Deposit Replacement Program

Reduce move-in costs and keep more cash in-pocket for living expenses and more.

At Title One Management, we offer two options for security deposits.

The first option is a traditional security deposit, where a lump sum is paid at move-in and is held on account for the duration of your tenancy.

The security deposit can be used to pay for any unpaid charges, including rent and utilities, damages and/or cleaning needed at move-out. If your account does not have a final balance due, then the full security deposit amount will be refunded.

The second option is our Security Deposit Replacement Program. With this option, you will pay a monthly non-refundable fee for the duration of your tenancy instead of the traditional upfront deposit.

No funds will be held to use towards any balance on your account at time of move out. You as the tenant will still be responsible for any charges assessed at move out. 

Security Deposit Replacement F.A.Q.s

The band level amount will be 1.5x the amount of the traditional security deposit.

No, once they are enrolled in the SDRP they cannot elect to submit a traditional deposit.

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