HVAC Troubleshooting Guide



Most common problems and answers

Air filters should be replaced every 3- 6 months. If you fail to change the air filter regularly, it becomes filled with debris and affects the ability for your HVAC to draw air. If left long enough, it may cause the furnace to shut down completely. Plus, it causes excess dust and allergens to fill your home. If you do not know how to locate your filter (s) , please watch the video. For additional questions, contact your Property Manager.

If you’re having problems with your Air Conditioner:

Is the thermostat set to “COOL” and fan set to “AUTO”? Is the temperature adjusted low enough?

If the unit is running but only blows warm air, try these tips:

Check the filter. See video link below for details. Check the thermostat to ensure your temperature is turned down low enough. Check the condenser line. This is a copper line about as thick as a pencil and located outside next to the blower. It should be warm to the touch. If it is hot then you need to check the blower fan outside. Locate the blower and ensure the fan on top is running. If not, you can try to start it by pushing it with a pencil or ruler. Fans sometimes get stuck after long periods of no use. Do not use your fingers! You can also check the condenser coil, located on the sides of the blower housing. If they appear dirty, turn the whole system off and then clean the coils by spraying with a garden hose. Do not use a pressure washer as it may cause damage to the system. Light pressure is sufficient.

If the air conditioner is not running at all:

Ensure the system is turned on. There is an ON/OFF switch that may be accidentally moved to the OFF position. You may even try turning it OFF and then back to ON. Check your circuit breakers. They sometimes trip during hot weather or if a circuit overloads. Check the on/off switch on the blower. If a repairman is scheduled to service the unit, please turn it off completely. It may need a couple hours to defrost before anyone can work on it. By turning it off you will save the technician a lot of time.

Still having problems?
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