Electrical Troubleshooting Guide


Electrical Issues

Most common problems and answers
If you’re having problems with Loss of Electricity:

Look for a GFI plug, which is typically in locations near water like the kitchen, bathroom, or garage.

The GFI is designed to “trip” or cut electrical power in case of a short, like when you drop a curling iron in the bathtub. You can reset the GFI by pressing the “RESET” button in the middle. You may have to push the “TEST” button and then the “RESET” before it will turn back on.There may be more than one GFI. Sometimes the GFI is actually on the circuit breaker, so be sure to check the panel for problems, as well. There may not be any GFI plugs in homes built before 1970.
If the Circuit Breakers Continually go off check to see if too many appliances are running.
Common culprits include:

Microwaves Refrigerators Clothes dryers Toasters Curling irons Blow dryers Computers Printers Space heaters.

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