Troubleshooting Guide

Troubleshooting Guide

We’ve compiled a handy little troubleshooting guide that can solve many common household problems. Please take the time to check and see if you can resolve the issue yourself before submitting a maintenance request. This will help with overall maintenance request efficiency!


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Most common problems and answers
If you’re having problems with your Garbage Disposal go over this quick checklist to see if any of the problems are easily fixable:

Turn the disposal ON and listen. Is it completely quiet, or does it make a slight humming noise? If it makes no noise, try using the “RESET” button located on the bottom of the disposal. Push the button all the way in and then try using the disposal again to see if that fixes the problem. If the disposal makes a humming noise but does not spin, it is probably jammed. Try looking inside with a flashlight to see if anything is visibly stuck. Unplug the disposal underneath the sink to ensure it has no power. Use long pliers or another grabbing tool to remove any items jammed in the blades. Do not stick your hand inside! Put a broom handle or wooden spoon inside the disposal. Try giving it a gentle twist to break the blades loose. Do not use extreme force. To keep your garbage disposal clean; combine a mixture of ice chips and lemon peel, switch on and run until clear.

If you’re having Oven Problems go over this quick checklist to see if any of the problems are easily fixable:

Check the “Time-bake” setting on the unit. If the oven is in “Time-Bake” mode it will not heat. Is the oven in self-clean mode? If the oven does not work in Bake mode, try turning it to Broil and see if it works. Did you accidentally switch the temperature from Fahrenheit to Celsius? You can also attempt to find the User Manual by searching Google for the make and model.

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