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Move-In Instructions

Pay Option Money

Complete & Sign Lease

Submit Documents

Set Up Utilities

1. Pay Option Money

To put the home in your name and remove it from the market, you will need to pay your “Option” Money, which is equivalent to the first full month’s rent and will be applied as such +  a $200 non-refundable Leasing Fee.

You can pay your Option money one of two ways: 

1. You may bring a cashier’s check to our office; make payable to “Title One Management”.

2. Or, you may visit any Wells Fargo Bank and deposit Cash or Cashier Check directly into our account. If you chose this option, email a  picture of the receipt so we can apply the funds to our end and remove the home from the market. Wells Fargo – Account: 9195788386

2. Confirm Move-In Date

You have (14) days from the date you pay the option to take possession of the property; sign the lease and pay any remaining balance due. Please, confirm the date you prefer to move in so the move in inspector can be scheduled to complete his inspection, this will be part of your lease agreement. Please note, the move-in date will depend on the property.  If the property has just become vacant, we will need to clean and make any necessary repairs prior to the scheduled date.  

3. Complete & Sign Lease

  • Complete lease signing
  • Upload remaining documents required by lease or as required per the application approval 
  • You will receive a copy of your signed lease + you will be able to access your lease through your Resident Portal Account 

4. Set Up Utilities

Our team will provide you with the necessary utility contact information for your property.  

Move-Out Instructions

Submit Notice to Vacate

Prepare Home for Move-Out

Transfer Utilites

Move-Out Instructions

1. Submit Notice to Vacate

Send an email to 60 days prior to your move-out/ lease expiration date. You will receive an email with detailed move-out instructions. If you have any questions, please feel free to call or email your property manager.  

Early Termination Information:

If you have to break your lease, we REQUIRE a written 60 Days Notice. 
The Termination Fee is DUE upon receipt of notice to vacate and is equivalent to (2)  Months Rent + $200.  Property should be returned to clean and ready to rent condition. Please note, the security deposit can NOT be contributed towards the lease termination fee under any circumstances. 

2. Transfer Utilities


*ALL Utilities MUST REMAIN CONNECTED for a MINIMUM of (5)  Five Days POST-Lease End Date*

By Law, Title One Management MUST complete a Move-Out Inspection within several days of move-out. A proper inspection cannot be performed without the utilities on. If you have disconnected the utilities before the inspection, you are agreeing that both your lease term and the inspection time frame called for by Georgia law are being extended for the time it takes for Management to get the utilities re-activated. 

Failure to Comply will result in the following;

  • a $145.00 Fee is charged if ALL Utilities are NOT ON when our inspectors arrive at the property to conduct the Move-Out Inspection
  •  a $25.00 Utility Connection Fee PER Utility Provider will also be charged

3. Prepare Home for Move-Out

In order to receive back your full deposit, your property must be returned to the condition in which it was received at move-in. We suggest using your move-in inspection as a reference point, it can be easily accessed through  your portal account. If you are unable to access/ view the inspection, please contact your property manager.  

Paint Condition

During the move-out inspection, 3rd Party Home Inspectors check for any holes in the walls, extensive black markings, chips in paint, or any other miscellaneous damages that go beyond the scope of what is considered normal wear and tear. 

Personal Items

All personal items must be removed from the unit. This means everything — including cleaning products, plungers, shower curtains, etc. None of these items are left for future residents. They will be discarded and you will be charged for the removal.

Light Bulbs, Batteries, & Smoke Detectors

At the time of the move-out inspection, all light bulbs and batteries MUST be working. Replace any non-functional bulbs or batteries upon vacating. Otherwise, you will be charged for the replacement. 

Property & Carpet Cleanliness

The property and carpets MUST be professionally cleaned by approved vendors of Title One Management. Additionally,  receipts MUST be provided upon move-out.  Otherwise we will have to have the items re-cleaned and  the amount will be retained from the deposit. 

4. Move- Out Instructions

Forwarding Address

In order to receive your security deposit refund in a timely manner, you are required to submit a Forwarding Address.

Account Balance

Account Balance MUST br ZERO at the time of move-out. Any remaining balance will be deducted from the security deposit. Remember, you CANNOT use your security deposit as your last month's rent.

Property Keys

Return ALL KEYS to the office by the move-out date. If you are returning keys after hours, insert the keys in an envelope with your name and property address. Slip the envelope in the drop box located next top the office door.

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