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Complete Your Application

To complete your application, the following steps need to be completed in  a timely manner. For your convenience, we have provided you with easy options to complete the application process. 

First, we will need a Rental History Verification and Employment Verification Form completed by EACH APPLICANT. The forms can be completed by one of two easy ways. They can be emailed directly to your landlord and employer or you can download and print the forms. Follow the instructions below to complete the process.

1. You will need to EMAIL BOTH Landlord and Employer. Click on the “Email” button in the following sections and an email will pre-populate with a link to  the corresponding form. Enter the email address of your employer/ landlord, SUBJECT, and a brief message into each populated email … NOT delete the LINK. Once the form has been received and completed, we will be instantly notified. No need to print, scan, or email documents back and forth. This is the fastest  and easiest option. 

2. If you choose to Download and Print the forms, press  the “Print” button. If you choose to send an email as an attachment, you would want to use this option. 


Step 1: Rental History & Verification

Email Landlord

Download & Print

Step 2: Employment Verification

Email Employer

Download & Print

Step 3: Upload Documents

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