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Attract the ideal tenant with a home that is 100% Rent-Ready

"Rentals that fail to be properly prepared result in less traffic, fewer prospects, more time on the market, and a lower rental amount. In fact, they may not even rent at all. At Title One Management, we require all homes we manage to meet our 'Rent-Ready' Requirements."
General Manager

Preparation is Key

As an owner, your goal is to rent your property for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. 

Our team works with owners to ensure their property is 100% Rent Ready! Starting with an initial property inspection, our team addresses necessary or required items in need of repair.  Plus, point out additional items that should be addressed to maximize rental potential before hitting the market. 

Initial Inspection

Repair & Improve

Deep Clean

Add Curb Appeal

Determine Price

Initial Inspection

Prior to marketing your home, our team conducts a maxRENT Assessment property inspection; a comprehensive inspection inside and out focused on  identifying any required or recommended repairs needing to be remedied prior to marketing and determining a final rental rate.  This important step helps your property rent  faster while ensuring new tenants are satisfied and problem free once they move into their new home. 


Roof & Gutters
Windows & Doors
Pipes & Faucets
All Major Systems

Repair & Improve

Any known or discovered defects  unearthed during the maxRENT Assessment need to be properly repaired. 

Additionally, any delayed improvements should be completed NOW to maximize rental potential, outshine the competition, and prevent the problem from occurring to a new tenant upon move-in.  

Items to Improve:

Did You Know?

Title One Management offers a full service repair and rehab for your home? Plus, designer approved Rental Rehab Packages make it easy to prepare your property for the market and ensure you receive MAXIMUM rental potential.

Deep Clean

Today’s renters have high standards and value cleanliness more than ever. Make your property SHINE to attract quality tenants and rent quickly.  We have partnered with several local cleaning companies specialized in preparing rental properties for the market and new tenants.  Call us today for more details. 

Pressure Wash, Landscape, Make Repairs
Update Fixtures | Re-Caulk Sinks, Showers, & Tubs | Clean Tile
Deep Clean Appliances & Light Fixtures | Make Repairs & Upgrade
Clean & Paint
Scrub Baseboards, Reapir Damaged Areas, Repaint in Neutral Color

Add Curb Appeal

Lastly, remember to spruce up the exterior of your home. 

Homes with curb appeal Rent FASTER and for MORE MONEY. 

Renters see the outside of a home online in pictures, when they arrive for a tour, and when they drive by.  An inviting exterior will ultimately attract more traffic both online and in person.

Budget exterior cleaning and landscaping into your initial budget. Failing to do so will eventually cost you! Plus, adding curb appeal does not have to break the bank. 

Spruce it Up!

  • Clean up the landscape; trim bushes and trees, remove overgrown areas, define flowerbeds and walkways.
  • Add low maintenance foundation shrubs and bushes. Evergreens, Boxwood, and other foundation bushes will  provide year-long color with low maintenance.
  • Add fresh mulch or pine straw.
  • Add a welcoming coat of paint to the front door.
Purple Diamond Loropetalum
or try Purple Pixie for a smaller area
Baby Gem Boxwood
Gold Thread Cypress
Jubilation Gardenia
Sunshine Lingstrum

Determine Rental Price

Once we inspect your property and all required and necessary repairs have been completed, our market experts will conduct a final market analysis.  Rate is determined based on Location, Size,  Condition and the Current Market.

Our goal is make sure your home rents QUICKLY and at the Best Rate possible.  With careful preparations and our experts tracking local market conditions, we guarantee we can rent your home in 21 Days or LESS!

A gorgeous two-story listed house.
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