Resident Frequently Asked Questions

Resident FAQ

Rent is due the first day of every month. Rent can be paid online. Note, there is no grace period. Rent not received on the first, is considered late. 


Funds can be paid electronically via electronic funds transfer from your checking or savings account and we can set that up where you initiate the transaction manually each month from your tenant portal account or set up an automatically reoccurring payment. 

We DO NOT ACCEPT CASH. We will accept money orders, cashiers checks, and personal checks. Payments submitted via check have a $4.00 processing fee. 

Prevent late payments by setting up reoccurring payments. If you are late, a late fee will be assessed to account automatically. If the account has not been paid in FULL within 5 days after a late fee is assessed then we will automatically file a dispossessory action in court and all associated court costs and fees are  added to the account balance and the total must be paid in FULL in certified funds. 


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